Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Bonne's 7 day Skin Challenge

Last Sunday, I've received a package from A Bonne Beauty which was my price from their recent giveaway in cooperation with Pinay on the Loose's blog. I've received one A Bonne Miracle Spa Milk which was their newest product introduced and one Yogurt Milk Cream Soap and I'm one of the winners who were invited to join their 7 day skin challenge. 
 What's even more cute with this gift was it was packed inside a pouch from Natures Organics, which was very useful for me, and this was a very eco-friendly pouch also because I think its' cloth was recycled from a flours' sack. Thumbs up!
A Bonne is not kinda new for me because I've been using their Spa Milk Salt since 2010, but haven't tried their other products yet, you know, I'm "not so" maarte with my skin care. LOL. 

So, about the products they sent me. I really love this Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam because it's so gentle and mild on my skin unlike the other products that I've tried that when you apply it on your face you feel like there's a lot of chemicals being absorbed. This Facial  foam has Lycopene which was extracted from tomatoes, so it's so safe to use! 

As you can see with the photo above, A Bonne's Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam has also Milk Protein that moisturizes skin, Nanowhite Glutathione that reduces dark spots and Kojic to prevent melanin formation which you can get with excessive sun exposure. 
I can tell you guys, I'm in love with this product the first time I've tried it! HONESTLY! Aside from it's great smell, it also really does its' job! I can really feel that my face is softer and lighter just after 7 days! How cool is that? :)

So here is my Before and After photo:
(Pardon my face, been very busy when these photos were taken, but still, need to take some snaps. :D)
Supposedly, you should use A Bonne's Miracle Spa Milk Facial Foam day and night, which makes it two times a day, but sometimes, I've been using this for about 3 times a day! haha! I just can't help it. :)) 

Anyways, the soap was also great! ahhh! I'm just so in love with their products, I'll absolutely buy this products again and will also try their other products as well. 

Visit their Facebook Page HERE.

Thanks A Bonne Beauty and CJ of Pinay on the Loose !!  :)




  1. wow it's so effective on you sis! :) good for you :) i'm on my 6th day na.will post my verdict about it next week..but so far, i'm happy with it! yey! kudos to A BONNE ;)

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  10. congrats on winning the giveaway :) it makes your skin so glowy.

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  16. congrats on winning the giveaway :) it makes your skin so glowy.

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