Monday, April 8, 2013

BFF's (Best Four Friends)

Have you already found your best friends or shall we call it true friends? :)
Me, I think I have found them already. I am not that kind of person who usually go along with group of girls in school or go party every weekend. I am not a party girl and I hate being with lots of people or at crowded places, like you can't entertain the others anymore or maybe what's worst is it'll end up fighting. I don't smoke and drink and I call  my self a "loner". Yeah I know I'm weird. LOL
I chose my friends wisely but sometimes I trust people easily, and that's a no-no. I don't  talk that much specially when it's not important. I'm a keen observer and I easily understand a persons' personality. I stick with the quote "Talk less, Listen more".
So here are the lucky chosen ones in my life, lol. 
Her name is Iress Jule Candare Semacio. She's at Doha Qatar right now with her family. I've known her since high school but we got closer during second year college I think. haha!

This girl right here is Angela Serenado Maan. She's living at Manila right now and I've known her for five years already :)

She's Novah C. Bunio and I've just come to realize that this is our only picture! haha! This was taken during our HS graduation. She's also too far away from me now. I've known her for five years also, together with Angela :)
 And last but not the least, the only shemale among my bestfriends, my fashion buddy, Jayson Dave Renzo P. Martinez a.k.a. Rinx Martinee of The Closet Queen of Androgyny! haha! Okay, so she's my newest bff among my gay friends or my Lean Queens Family. :)
Have you noticed that my friends are too far away from me? :( Yeah, sad but we barely see each other in a year, except for Rinxy, for we are studying at the same university.
So do you have your BFF's (best friends forever)?
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  1. I have had one best friend for over than 10 years but now, as she has a boyfriend she kind of doesn't want to hang out with me anymore, so yeah. My other best friend is not living at my place, to be honest in another country so I only see her 5 times a year. There are some good friends but not the "bff's" out there. Glad you found yours! :)

    1. the same situation here, they're also away from me so we seldom see each other in a year. *sigh* tehe. anyways, thanks for dropping :)

  2. yaaa i do have BFF, and we still hangout while they going back to Jakarta :'D
    but yeah maybe only for 2-5 meeting in a year :(


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