Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today, clothes are getting expensive regardless its quality and design, but mind you, there are still stores that sells trendy clothes that will suit your budget.
 Have you visit Clothingloves already? New store that I've just browsed this week. They wholesale clothing from China, either men's clothingwomen's clothing, and even bridal gowns! How cool is that? 

Here are some of my choices that I've found on their site.
Over-sized tops: I love their over-sized tops specially that it's so hot here in the Philippines now,  like you can't go outside without putting layers of sunblock on your skin 'coz you'll surely have skin cancer! lol. Over-sized tops are comfy to wear and it gives you that 'at home' feeling. 
Dresses and jumpsuits (plain, floral and denim)
 This is just so perfect for spring!!

Who will get tired of wearing denims and B&W?! 
Simple plain dresses is one of my favorite because most of the time I'm too lazy to wear clothes that too hip for me. I want it simple because you can pair or style it the way you want it to look and it just makes me feel comfy and sexy. 

Hard to choose between the two! 

can't get enough with spikes -_-

Last but not the least, The Best Wedding Dresses! If your planning to get married, don't hesitate to check their site out. These wedding dresses are MTO so you can have the design of your choice, the color and fabric to be used. :)

I know I'm too young for weddings, but seeing these dresses makes me want to get married right away! haha! These are just so gorgeous, isn't it? :)

What do you think? Go visit  NOW!!




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  2. woahh, they have lovely stuffs ❤

    1. yes dear, go visit their site! Maybe you'll find stuffs that you'll surely love :)

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  4. wow amazing clothes :) really like it :)
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  5. love these looks! i want that little pink dress!


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